Ice Cream Social Atmosphere Attracts Families to Millers Mills Sundae Run

Ice Cream Social Atmosphere Attracts Families to Millers Mills Sundae Run


The hamlet of Millers Mills played host and offered down-home hospitality to the 45 Utica Roadrunners (twelve more than last year) who ran the 19th edition of the Sundae 5K run this past Sunday. Aptly, there was more member family participation evident, with The Wilkinsons, The Cohens, The Humphreys, and The Salies showing the largest participation.


Hardly a walk in the park, the certified, so-called “official cool-down event for the Boilermaker” is renowned as an undulating, serpentine rural route and “the only out-and-back course that’s uphill all the way!” And a cool-down it was with a break in the recent week’s sweltering heat and humidity, accompanied by free homemade ice cream made from frozen blocks harvested mid-winter off Unadilla Pond and stored until summer in hay-insulated barns.


Besides a hefty haul in raffle prizes, Utica Roadrunners harvested a bounty of distinctions. The three fastest Utica Roadrunners were Josh Kuelling (4th overall in 19:37), Paul Humphrey (6th overall in 19:55 / 71.77% age-grade), and Scott Suba (14th overall in 21:08). Fastest UR female was Justyna Wilkinson, trailing the first female overall by just six seconds in 21:58, age-grade 71.54%.

In age group awards, Club members were even more successful: F14-18, Justyna Wilkinson, first and Bridget Humphrey, third; F30-39, Sarah Elleman, second; F50-59, a clean sweep with Tina Lindsey, first (as well as fifth place female overall and age-grade of 70.52%), Liz Miller, second, and Heidi Chrisman, third. In men’s action, M30-39, Josh Kuelling, second; M40-49, Paul Humphrey, first; M50-59, Bill Kosina, second and Bruce Palmer, third; M60-69, Tom Bick, second; and M70+, Kermit Cadrette, first.


With nine members entering Grand Prix competition at Millers Mills, there are now 132 participants in the series (54 females and 78 males), with three members having done all seven races thus far. In our youngest groups 0-14, Emma and Rachel Humphrey have now ascended to the top of their division standings, with Noah Cohen adding to his lead over Daniel Humphrey in their group, which now includes Alex Wilkinson.


With an official population of just 29, Millers Mills playfully boasts “uptown, midtown, and downtown” signs along the course, and it seemed like every resident and Grange #581 member was out to cheer, offer refreshment, or assist with race duties. Special thanks go out to race director Karen Huxtable-Hooker, comedic emcee and husband Patrick Hooker for his appreciation in our sizable participation and cueing Club members for a photograph, and the ladies serving up complimentary post-race ice cream.


With seven races completed, we await our next series event, the Bolder Inspiration 5-Mile in Trenton Falls on Saturday, August 3rd Until then, stay strong, train safe, and race swift!


~ Text and photos by Ted Lenio, Grand Prix Coordinator, 7/22/13

Summer Sizzle Recap

An extremely scenic, modified, well-marked, seemingly less-hilly, fast-finish course drew 27 more participants than last year to the Utica Roadrunners’ Summer Sizzle 5-Miler on Sunday, June 9, with an even more impressive volunteer presence than previous years. Race Director Dennis Johnson designed and coordinated a well-sponsored event, which featured a festive awards party at the finish line pavilion knoll below the SUNY-IT campus center. The Club-sponsored event, which wound its way amidst the picturesque campus roads, walkways and reduced, manicured cross-country trails, donated profits to the Stevens-Swan Humane Society.


Unique to the race was the family team awards, with a preponderance of accolades going to Utica Roadrunners with the fastest combined times. Mark Novak and Ryan Kelly took the Father & Daughter prize; David and William Paddock, the Father & Son award; Alexander and Dina White, the Husband & Wife category; Maryann and Justyna Wilkinson, the Mother & Daughter honors; and Leisa and Devin Murphy, the Mother & Son laurels.


In looking at the Club’s best age-graded performances (i.e., age and gender calculated to corresponding world records), our Grandmaster women surpassed even younger men in their efforts! The following were all considered Regional Class caliber: Susan Luley (75.18%), Bruce Palmer (74.76%), Tina Lindsey (73.81%), Paul Humphrey (73.81%), Ingrid Otto-Jones (71.35%), Tom Bick (70.55%), Cory Battles (70.35%), and Ginny Truax (70.1%). Also with highly graded efforts were Justyna Wilkinson (69.94%), Gary Kulis (69.92%), and Scott Suba (69.13%). Female numbers very nearly equaled male participation at the Summer Sizzle, not usual for most races where guys normally surpass gals two-to-one.


Top age-group winners were: Ingrid Otto-Jones (F45-49), Tina Lindsey (F50-54), Susan Luley (F55-59), Cornelia Brown (F60+), Ryan Misencik (M35-39), Paul Humphrey (M45-49), Gary Kulis (M50-54), Bruce Palmer (M55-59), Tom Bick (M60-64), Rich Hahn (M65-69), and Joe Madeira (M70+). The Club’s fastest runners were Cory Battles, Josh Kuelling and Paul Humphrey, finishing sixth through eighth, respectively. Breaking the top 25 of the 156 racers were Bruce Palmer (12th), Scott Suba (19th), Gary Kulis (22nd), Justyna Wilkinson (24th), and Ryan Misencik (25th).


Now exactly halfway through the 2013 Grand Prix season, surprising outcomes continue to headline the standings, with determined, dark horse racers surpassing the perennial leaders due to their dedication to the series. James Latshaw has wrested the lead in the M40-44 and others have moved up onto their age-group podia. Thus far, we have 44 more Grand Prix event participations than last year, and only two age groups unoccupied. Seventy-two males and 49 females are represented among 121 Utica Roadrunners in the Grand Prix. But, there’s still time to get involved with Grand Prix racing and challenge even those with seemingly insurmountable dominance. Remember, age group honors are based on your best seven races, with awards also going to those with most cumulative points, 100% participation, and family involvement.

(GP standings available at:


The Grand Prix now takes more than a month’s hiatus to make room for Boilermaker training, but comes back with the very distinctive and popular “official Boilermaker cool-down,” the Millers Mills Sundae 5K run on July 21st. (Hardcopy registrations are available online at: and at our weekly Wednesday development runs.)

See you on the road and trails, and remember to stay strong, train safe, and race swift! 

~ Ted Lenio    6/11/13

KAC Recap

The KAC 5K in Clinton was truly a festive family affair, preceded by kids races and a one mile run, all culminating in a grand carnival, Norman Rockwell atmosphere on the town green Saturday evening. Race director Moe Lalonde and his committee, many of whom are Utica Roadrunners, did a great job, both with event logistics and a fine awards program featuring lovely pottery prizes at the town’s central gazebo. Despite temperatures hovering around 90F and humidity at least as high, 40 Club members were among the 294 finishers, seven more than last year. Best male and female Club racers were Steve Paddock, third overall, and Ellen Furnari, third female overall, as well as first in her 25-29 age group.


The big news from the KAC 5K was that our masters and grandmaster runners absolutely ruled! John Draper, sixth place overall, captured the top male masters award, with Scott Suba next fastest in twelfth place. The older age groups were utterly dominated by Utica Roadrunners, with the following members first in their five-year categories: Cornelia Brown and Tom Bick, 60-64; Susan Luley and Bruce Palmer, 55-59; Tina Lindsey and Bill Kosina, 50-54; as well as Scott and John taking M45-49 and M40-44, respectively.


In age-graded performance, Utica Roadrunners took 10 of the top 16 places! Earning Regional Class distinction were: Steve Paddock (71.78%), Susan Luley (70.93%), John Draper (70.83%), Tom Bick (70.82%), and Cornelia Brown (70.09%). Right behind were Scott Suba (68.67%), Liz Miller (68.54%), Bill Kosina (68.49%), Tina Lindsey (68.42%), and Bruce Palmer (68.30%).


In Grand Prix news, this fifth event shuffled the standings and saw some great family participation. Travis, Sienna, and John Huther all ran the 5K, as well as Steve, Will, and David Paddock. Watch out Cohens and Humphreys, you’ve got some friendly competition for the Grand Prix Family Award! Lesia Roback has lept into the lead of the F45-49 age group, as well as Ben Kozik in M35-39. In other shake-ups, Scott Suba and Rich Crandall have taken the top spots in M45-49, with the following members firmly holding second place in their respective groups: Susan Luley in F60-64, Ed Gunn in M55-59, Gary Roback in M50-54, James Latshaw in M40-44, and Christina Reilly in F40-44. Still, there are a few leading their age groups with comfortable margins, thanks to strong showings at the KAC, especially Bill Kosina, Bruce Palmer, Ashley Fess, Ellen Furnari, Anne Marie Latshaw, Mary Wilson, Pamela Fess, and Cornelia Brown. With 58 points, Ashley Fess has the largest cumulative total in the Grand Prix series, and is among only three members who have done all five races. Thus far, we have 49 more Grand Prix event participations than last year, with ten new Club members included in the standings after the KAC 5K, and only two age groups unoccupied.


Next Sunday, June 9, is our next Grand Prix event, the Summer Sizzle 5 Mile at SUNY-IT in Marcy, starting at 8:30 A.M. It will mark the halfway point of our season, and be the last race for six weeks to accommodate training for and participation in the Boilermaker. The Summer Sizzle is a Utica Roadrunners-sponsored event, and race director Dennis Johnson is offering a modified course that is a spectator-friendly, modified figure-8 pattern through the SUNY-IT campus. The majority is on the paved campus roads and picturesque walkways with one section utilizing a portion of the college’s manicured cross-country trails, followed by a fast finish. Special team awards will be awarded for the fastest combined times in the following Family categories: Mother/Daughter, Father/Son, Sister/Sister, Brother/Brother, Sister/Brother, Mother/Son, Father/Daughter, and Husband/Wife. Chobani yogurt, Bagel Grove bagels, fruit and chocolate milk afterwards. Remember, stay strong, train safe, and race swift!   ~ Ted Lenio, 6/3/13

A View from the Back at the Hall of Fame Half

The National Distance Running Half of Fame Half-Marathon on Sunday, May 19, saw three Utica Roadrunners among the top five and eight of the top fifteen fastest finishers. Leading Club member was Jerry Tylutki, returning to Grand Prix racing for his first event of the year, after being kept away by busy weekend schedules with his TNT Timing company. Jerry’s third place 1:20:22 was just ahead of Cory Battles and Thomas Joslin’s fourth and fifth place finishes, respectively, with Joseph Mashaw and Josh Kuelling in the seventh and eighth slots. Top overall female was Club member Christine McGlynn, 14th overall, in 1:33:48. (And, though not Grand Prix events, numerous Club members competed and earned accolades in the 5K and half-marathon relay in open and masters male, female and mixed divisions.)


There were five more runners finishing this 15th edition than last year’s, with two-dozen males and eleven females among 35 Utica Roadrunners. Highest age-graded performances were turned in by: Jerry Tylutki (73.8%), Bob Vandenbergh (73.66%), Christine McGlynn (72.1%), Joe Mashaw (71.83%), Bill Kosina (71.75%), John Murphy (71.23%), Ingrid Otto-Jones (68.98%), Liz Miller (68.81%), and Cornelia Brown (68.71%).


The HoF Half added nine more participants to our Grand Prix ranks, now with 64 males and 40 females vying for age group points. Of the four members who’ve run all four races thus far, only Ashley Fess maintains an unbroken record of first-place finishes in her age group, though it’s wide open for numerous others to log perfect results for their remaining seven best races.


Next races in the Grand Prix series are Kirkland Art Center 5K on June 1st and Utica Roadrunners’ Summer Sizzle 5 Mile on June 9. (Please contact Summer Sizzle race director Dennis Johnson if you’d like to help out with this second Club-sponsored race at SUNY-IT!)


Finally, hope you’ll indulge a personal perspective from the back of the pack. After racing considerably better a few years ago, finishing dead last at the HoF Half was humbling (humiliating?) Injury, extra weight, and lack of training (any?) have a way of handicapping performance, as many of us know. But far more importantly, I had a chance on Sunday to experience and enjoy the event from a plodder’s point of view. As I shuffled along, it became amply apparent that course support was nothing short of terrific! Excellent attention and care were given to every single last runner, with each aid station present, prepared and enthusiastic until the bitter end in the rain (thanks for being there first and last, Bill Dunham and crew!); what seemed like a personal entourage of “sweep” personnel who supported us late-comers (especially Emilie Huxley and Alan Copeland from the Ride for Missing Children, whose conversation made the hours seem like minutes); cycling State Troopers and rolling UPD and UFD uniformed officers; numerous course marshals who flagged the way and inspired the journey; well-marked roots, rails, and other trail irregularities to prevent injuries due to tripping/falling; and cheering Leone Timing staff at the finish who provided a box of cookies, granola bars, banana and water (lest the post-party provisions be already consumed and/or cleared)! Having been age-group competitive just a few years ago, I would be hard pressed to choose now between being amongst the vanguard or stragglers, for there is fun and fulfillment to be had in each kind of participation! Everyone stay strong, train safe, and race swift (if you like or can!)                   ~ Ted Lenio       5/20/13

Utica Roadrunners Run for the RACC

Amidst the pungent fragrance of fruit tree blossoms in full bloom under threatening clouds, twenty-five Utica Roadrunners ran (and walked) the third Grand Prix race of the year, the Rome Art and Community Center 5K, on Saturday, May 11. The Club took half of the top ten overall places, six first-place finishes among fifteen ten-year age groups, numerous podium awards, and fastest walker, with eighteen males and six females (two more than last year) among the 75-participant field. Club member and race director Jason Pare did a fine job arranging a flat, fast, certified George Street course for this seventh edition, even keeping the rain away until after the race, when smart RACC tote bags and framed certificates were awarded in the 19th century Carpenter mansion. Finally, Linda Turner and Mike Kessler of KT Timing were on hand to tabulate race results, as they do every week at the Club’s development runs.


In race highlights, Cory Battles and Josh Kuelling took second and third place overall, respectively, with Ellen Furnari third fastest female overall. Our best age-graded performance was turned in by Tina Lindsey (73.13%), who also took her 50-59 age group, followed by John Draper (71.99%) and Paul Humphrey (71.97%) who took first and second places in the 40-49 men’s group. Scott Suba made it a full podium sweep for Utica Roadrunners in that age group.


Most encouraging was to have Emma and Noah Cohen (age 9) and Danny Humphrey’s (age 12) participation open their 0-14 female and male Grand Prix age groups, book-ended with Joe Madeira, Jr. and Dan Cohen initiating their 70+ GP age group. (Noah, Danny, Joe and Dan all earned framed certificates for their respective races) It looks like the Cohens and Humphreys are in early contention for this year’s GP Family Award!


With a quarter of the series now complete, eleven members are still in the running for Grand Prix-mier awards (for participation in all twelve races), with Ashley Fess, Mary Wilson, Cory Battles, and Bruce Palmer maintaining perfect records of first-place finishes in each of the first three races. Thus far, 58 males and 37 females have entered the friendly Grand Prix competition, and we are ahead of last year’s total racer participations, 141 vs. 104.


Next (and longest) race in the Grand Prix series, will be this Sunday’s National Distance Running Hall of Fame Half Marathon (which also offers 5K and half-marathon relay races, though not counted toward GP points.) Until then, everyone stay strong, train safe, and race swift!                                ~ Ted Lenio 5/13/13

SOS ‘Half-Boilermaker’ Helps ‘Boston Strong’ and the Environment!

Sunny, blue skies, albeit brisk temps and a somewhat stiff homeward headwind, greeted 170 runners at Sunday’s Save Our Switchbacks (SOS) 7.5K race from the Parkway Chalet through Valley View Golf Course, Roscoe Conkling Park, and the South Woods Trail. New race director and board member Jerry Tylutki organized a great experience for all participants, with swelled sponsors’ support, and opportunities to contribute, less than a week after the Boston Marathon bombings, to “The One Fund.” In keeping with the Club’s new custom of providing novel awards, Jerry distributed white pine saplings for planting, courtesy of The Arbor Foundation, to all age-group winners, apt awards given the race’s proximity to Arbor and Earth Days. (Profits from the event continue to benefit the SOS Project of maintaining and upgrading the switchback trails / Utica Roadrunners’ development runs route, which were in terrific condition considering our winter snows and spring rains.)


Participation at the Club’s “half-Boilermaker” and second race in the 2013 Grand Prix series was up from last year’s remarkable growth, with eighteen more Utica Roadrunners among the 68 finishing (40 males and 28 females). Notable performances on the steeply-hilled course included Stephen Paddock finishing second overall in 28:42 (and with the Club’s top age-graded performance at 71.4%), and Cory Battles, third place overall in 29:03. Fifth through seventh place overall were Utica Roadrunners Thomas Joslin, Paul Humphrey, and John Draper. Leading Club women were Meghan Furner, first place female and thirteenth overall in 33:01, and Justyna Wilkinson, second place female and eighteenth overall in 33:53. Also remarkable is that Utica Roadrunners occupied twelve of the top twenty places overall. (That figure would have been even greater had some members renewed their memberships by March 31st in time to be eligible for Grand Prix points. You can find all the race results, both overall and age groups, at Jerry’s timing company Grand Prix standings and race reports are available both in the Club’s monthly newsletter, SpliTimes, and website


Three more Grand Prix age groups became occupied after the SOS, with the men’s 60-64 leading the way in participation with ten gents. With double golds thus far and eying year-end “Super Sevens” medals (first-place in best seven races) are Mary Ann Wilkinson, Ashley Fess, Bob VanDenbergh, Bruce Palmer, and Cory Battles, with more certainly to come as the series plays out.  Moreover, twenty-nine members are still in contention for Grand Prix-mier awards (i.e., participation in all twelve GP races). Also, if you are among the two dozen Utica Roadrunners who haven’t claimed your awards handed out at our annual banquet, they will be available at our weekly development runs’ registration beginning Wednesday, May 8th.


Next races in the 2013 GP are the Rome Art and Community Center’s 5K Run and walks on Saturday, May 11; the National Distance Running Hall of Fame Half-Marathon on Sunday, May 19; the Kirkland Art Center 5K on Saturday, June 1; and our Club’s second sponsored race of the year, the Summer Sizzle 5 Mile at SUNYIT on Sunday, June 9. Hope to see you in Rome at the RACC on the 11th. Until then, may everyone stay strong, train safe, and race swift!

~ Ted Lenio, 4/22/13


(N.B. Due to late additions to Grand Prix eligibilities and members’ age-group adjustments, standings were recently recalculated and updated.)

2013 Grand Prix Underway with Impressive Age-Graded Performances!

The 2013 Grand Prix season got underway on Saturday, April 6th as 49 Utica Roadrunners (32 males and 17 females) ran the Fort to Fort 10K in Rome, NY. Richard Cohen avenged his fourth place finish in 2012 by winning this year’s race fourteen seconds faster than last year, in 34:23! Cory Battles, next fastest Utica Roadrunner came in 7th overall, with John Kuelling, Joseph Mashaw, and Thomas Joslin close behind, all in the highly competitive M30-34 Grand Prix age-group.

F2F10K race age-group gold medalists were: Ashley Fess (F20-24), Ellen Furnari (F25-29), Mike Massoud (M50-54), D. Joanne Willcox-Ayoub (F50-54), Bruce Palmer (M55-59), Joanne Reese (F60-64), and Bob Vandenbergh (M65-69).

Though the Fort to Fort 5K is not part of the Grand Prix series, several Utica Roadrunners distinguished themselves in that race with overall and age-group honors. Second place female overall was Justyna Wilkinson, recent recipient of the UR Junior Roadrunner of the Year Award. Other age-group first-place medalists, besides Justyna, were: Jason Pare (M40-44), Scott Suba (M45-49), Dennis Johnson (M50-54), and Kermit Cadrette (M75-79).


Thanks to Jim Fiore’s suggestion, we are going to employ a method of comparing results this year that levels the performance playing field, regardless of age or gender, a sort of “handicapping,” if you will.  “Age Grading” computes one’s gender, age, distance, and time against world-record times, yielding an age-graded score (percentage), as well as adjusted “prime times.” It’s all explained at and you can figure your own scores at We’ll also begin using these Age Grade percentages to determine end-of-year awards for male and female Junior, Open, Grandmaster and Most Improved Roadrunners of the Year. (By the way, your actual age on race day will be used to calculate age-graded performance.)


Among the most impressive age-graded scores among our members at the Fort to Fort 10K, were Richard Cohen with 83.88%, Joanne Reese with 80.9%, and Mike Massoud with 80.79%, all in the National Class category! Also meritorious were D. Joanne Willcox-Ayoub with 73.86%, Stan Dickson with 73.69%, Bruce Palmer with 72.97%, and Tom Bick with 70.49%, all in the Regional Class.

And some final Grand Prix notes: Do remember that we are using your age as of December 31, 2013, to determine which five-year age-group you are placed for the entire season. Also, first- and second-place age-group results this year earn 12- and 10-points, respectively, with third through tenth-place points unchanged. As of the first race, there are 49 members in the running for Grand Prix-mier medallions, which will be presented to those participating in all twelve Grand Prix races. (It’s not unlike the Syrathon series medals or the Route 20 series merchandise incentives, except we require participation in all our events, thus making it a presumably more prized memento of achievement!) All but the youngest and oldest female and male age groups are already occupied, some with robust participation, such as the M60-64 age-group with eight guys earning points. (Both standings and blog are posted on the right side-bar of our website at:


Get ready for our next event, our first Club race of the year, the Save Our Switchbacks (SOS) 7.5K (Half-Boilermaker) on Sunday, April 21 – “a one-of-a-kind road race through the beautiful wooded trails of Roscoe Conkling Park.” New race director Jerry Tylutki promises some novel prizes and offers through The Sneaker Store, mindful of the proximity of Earth and Arbor Days. Early and member-discounted rates are available until April 14th, with all profits going toward growing and maintain the switchbacks. Sign up online at or get a paper application at  In the meantime,

stay strong, train safe, and race swift!                                                         ~ Ted Lenio, 4/8/13