Club Officers

Sybil Johnson, Board President

sybilI have been running since 1975 (37 years!), but officially with the Club since 1976. At the time I joined the Club, my friends and I were looking for the chance to exercise and socialize with some new faces. I love being a Utica Roadrunner because have met tons of great people and the Club has instilled a decent exercise ethic. I used to love 1/2 marathons, but now I try to complete a 5K per month because I have been negatively impacted by spinal issues. I’ve never had the desire to do a marathon, but I have run over 25,000 miles. I chose to become a Board member because I want the Club to always be a driving force in the effort to keep people healthy for the Utica area.

Mike Kessler, VP Activities and Events

Melanie Crisino, VP Administration and Finance

Anne Marie Latshaw, Secretary

Lisa Walchusky, Treasurer

Board Members

Wayne Murphy
George Searles
Jim Latshaw
Jim Mott
Stephanie Stark
Scott Neary
Joanne Wilcox-Ayoub

Membership Coordinator:
Dave and Sue Paddock

Race Directors:
 Wayne Murphy
Summer Sizzle: Dennis Johnson
Falling Leaves: Mike Brych
Development Runs: Linda Turner