Call for UTICA ROADRUNNERS 2015 Mileage and Marathon/Ultras


It’s time for Utica Roadrunners members to submit mileage and race information for awards to be presented at the annual Awards banquet on February 27, 2016. This includes data about annual running mileage and volunteer work for the Red Jackets and chevrons as well as specifically any marathons or ultras run by the club members. Reports must be submitted by January 15, 2016. Dues for the year must also be paid by January 31st for award eligibility as a member in good standing.  All reports should be submitted to Jim Moragne at or mailed to him at 63 Falcon Trail, Pittsford, NY 14534.the address on the reporting form. The form follows this article and is available on the club’s webpage at

Important: For the 1000 Mile Club Jacket (1000 miles and 10 volunteer points) Award, you must have accumulated at least 10 volunteer points in helping the club. These points can be accumulated across several years and not necessarily have been earned all in 2015 (unlike the miles, all of which had to be run in 2015). For the Extra Mile Club Jacket Award, you must have earned 30 volunteer points and they must all be earned in calendar year 2015. The point chart is at the end of this article.

Chevrons: Members of the 1000 Mile Club who complete 1000 miles or more during a subsequent calendar year after earning their jacket will receive mileage chevrons that may be sewn on their jacket sleeve. Chevrons are awarded in 100 mile increments from 1000 to 2000 miles, and in 500 mile increments above 2000 miles. Mileage totals are rounded down (i.e. 1,378 miles will result in a 1,300 mile chevron).

Marathon/Ultra Patches: A marathon or ultra patch is awarded to any club member who completes an organized marathon or ultra race.  This patch is worn on the club jacket under the RRCA insignia. Stars are awarded that can be attached to the patch to indicate several completed marathons or ultras: Blue Star 5 completed; Red Star 10 completed. Marathon/Ultra information including name, date and location of the race; completion time, place, and any awards received should be reported.

There will be a separate email in January asking for nominations to the club’s various named awards. For now, we just need your mileage and marathons, as well as volunteer points for the Red Jacket Awards. Please send questions to Jim Moragne at

 Points: One point may be earned for each two-hour time commitment.  The maximum number of points per event is 5, with the exception of the Boilermaker Training Program and the Development Runs which each has a maximum of 10. Points may be earned for:

Board of Directors and Similar

  1. Serving on the Board of Directors as an officer: 30 points
  2. Serving on the Board of Directors non-officer: 20 points
  3. Membership Chair: 20 points
  4. Merchandise Chair: 20 points

Director of Club race or training program: 20 points (Includes Falling Leaves, Summer Sizzle, SOS, BTP, Development Runs)

Director of Club event (non-race/training) or ongoing project: 20 points (Includes Holiday Party, Awards Party & Committee, SpliTimes Editor, Webmaster, SOS Project, Grand Prix)

Committee Chair of club race or training program: 10 points (Includes Falling Leaves, Summer Sizzle,    SOS, BTP, Development Runs; plus organizer of Run for Hunger, Wonderland of Lights, and similar)

Committee Chair of club event (non-race/training) or special committee: 10 points (Includes Awards    Committee, Scholarship Committee, Social Chairperson)

Unique: Hosting a Breakfast Run, Thursday Night Run or the like: 10 points; Racing team captain: 10           points; Racing team member: 1 point per race start with team scoring

Writing a regular column for SpliTimes: 10 points

Proof Reading monthly SpliTimes: 10 points

Writing a single article for SpliTimes: 2 points

General volunteer for a single race or training event: 1 point (this includes volunteering for SOS,   Falling Leaves, Summer Sizzle, HOF, Run for Hunger, a single Dev. Run, or a single BTP training event)

General volunteer for other club events and committees (non-race/training): 1 point (this includes Holiday Party; Club booth at Heart Run or Boilermaker Expo; Scholarship Committee member other than chairperson).