Summer Sizzle Recap

An extremely scenic, modified, well-marked, seemingly less-hilly, fast-finish course drew 27 more participants than last year to the Utica Roadrunners’ Summer Sizzle 5-Miler on Sunday, June 9, with an even more impressive volunteer presence than previous years. Race Director Dennis Johnson designed and coordinated a well-sponsored event, which featured a festive awards party at the finish line pavilion knoll below the SUNY-IT campus center. The Club-sponsored event, which wound its way amidst the picturesque campus roads, walkways and reduced, manicured cross-country trails, donated profits to the Stevens-Swan Humane Society.


Unique to the race was the family team awards, with a preponderance of accolades going to Utica Roadrunners with the fastest combined times. Mark Novak and Ryan Kelly took the Father & Daughter prize; David and William Paddock, the Father & Son award; Alexander and Dina White, the Husband & Wife category; Maryann and Justyna Wilkinson, the Mother & Daughter honors; and Leisa and Devin Murphy, the Mother & Son laurels.


In looking at the Club’s best age-graded performances (i.e., age and gender calculated to corresponding world records), our Grandmaster women surpassed even younger men in their efforts! The following were all considered Regional Class caliber: Susan Luley (75.18%), Bruce Palmer (74.76%), Tina Lindsey (73.81%), Paul Humphrey (73.81%), Ingrid Otto-Jones (71.35%), Tom Bick (70.55%), Cory Battles (70.35%), and Ginny Truax (70.1%). Also with highly graded efforts were Justyna Wilkinson (69.94%), Gary Kulis (69.92%), and Scott Suba (69.13%). Female numbers very nearly equaled male participation at the Summer Sizzle, not usual for most races where guys normally surpass gals two-to-one.


Top age-group winners were: Ingrid Otto-Jones (F45-49), Tina Lindsey (F50-54), Susan Luley (F55-59), Cornelia Brown (F60+), Ryan Misencik (M35-39), Paul Humphrey (M45-49), Gary Kulis (M50-54), Bruce Palmer (M55-59), Tom Bick (M60-64), Rich Hahn (M65-69), and Joe Madeira (M70+). The Club’s fastest runners were Cory Battles, Josh Kuelling and Paul Humphrey, finishing sixth through eighth, respectively. Breaking the top 25 of the 156 racers were Bruce Palmer (12th), Scott Suba (19th), Gary Kulis (22nd), Justyna Wilkinson (24th), and Ryan Misencik (25th).


Now exactly halfway through the 2013 Grand Prix season, surprising outcomes continue to headline the standings, with determined, dark horse racers surpassing the perennial leaders due to their dedication to the series. James Latshaw has wrested the lead in the M40-44 and others have moved up onto their age-group podia. Thus far, we have 44 more Grand Prix event participations than last year, and only two age groups unoccupied. Seventy-two males and 49 females are represented among 121 Utica Roadrunners in the Grand Prix. But, there’s still time to get involved with Grand Prix racing and challenge even those with seemingly insurmountable dominance. Remember, age group honors are based on your best seven races, with awards also going to those with most cumulative points, 100% participation, and family involvement.

(GP standings available at:


The Grand Prix now takes more than a month’s hiatus to make room for Boilermaker training, but comes back with the very distinctive and popular “official Boilermaker cool-down,” the Millers Mills Sundae 5K run on July 21st. (Hardcopy registrations are available online at: and at our weekly Wednesday development runs.)

See you on the road and trails, and remember to stay strong, train safe, and race swift! 

~ Ted Lenio    6/11/13