Woodsmen’s 10K Is A Hit as New Addition to 2013 Grand Prix Series!

The 23rd running of Woodsmen’s 10K in Boonville, on Friday evening, August 16, was just one of many events highlighting the weekend’s 66th Annual New York State Woodsmen’s Field Days. With 56 more runners than last year (34 of them Utica Roadrunners), race officials surmised that its inaugural inclusion into the 2013 Grand Prix series spurred the increase. After pre-race info and instructions provided by race director and ToePath Trekker Al Salmon, the 231 participants set out on what appeared to be a nicely rolling rural route, that is until Mile 5. Depending on one’s fitness, racers encountered either mounds or mountains that would challenge a lumberjack for more than a mile. Thankfully, the bulk of spectator and water (even beer!) support helped runners endure the exhausting escarpment.


Utica Roadrunners were at the top of their race podiums in four divisions, mostly in Grandmasters and Masters categories, receiving lovely Hardin Furniture plaques. Taking first and second, respectively, were: Susan Luley and Cornelia Brown (F60-69); Tina Lindsey and Liz Miller (F50-54); and Mike Massoud and Bill Kosina (M50-54); Cory Battles and Josh Kuelling (M30-34); and Justyna Wilkinson capturing first in F1-14. Richard Cohen and John Draper, finished second and third, respectively, in M40-44. Third place race age group finishes were turned in by: MaryAnn Wilkinson (F45-49), Tom Bick (M60-69), and Kermit Cadrette (M70-99).


In age-graded performance, Mike Massound turned in a remarkable 76.41%, best Utica Roadrunner result and second best overall to race winner Zakaria Adam Djouma, whom we have gotten used to leading the 10K pack at our weekly development runs. Our next best age-graded performance was Susan Luley’s 73.55% (tenth best overall among the 231 finishers), with Richard Cohen right behind with 72.60%. Those also included in the regional class of 70-79.99% were: Cory Battles (71.93%), Bill Kosina (71.28%), John Draper (71.13%), Liz Miller (70.6%), Tina Lindsey (70.39%), and Stephen Paddock (70.23%).


As a result of this new and ninth race of the 2013 series of twelve events, Grand Prix standings predictably shifted. Moving into first place in their respective GP age groups were: MaryAnn Wilkinson (F45-49); Susan Luley, breaking their previous tie and pulling just ahead of Cornelia Brown (F60-64); and Kermit Cadrette, moving into a tie with Joseph Madeira, Jr. (M>70). Moving into second place in their GP age groups were: Bill Luley (M60-64), Jolene Nonemaker (F35-39), Liz Miller (F50-54), and Rich Crandall (M45-49), who is also one of only two members who have run all Grand Prix events thus far! And jumping into third place in their GP age groups were: Terry Draper (F40-44); Erich Salie (M50-54); Fred Roth (M>70), who joined Bruce Harris and Scott Daskiewich in running their first Grand Prix events of the year; and Richard Cohen (M40-44), returning to racing after prudent recovery from an injury.


Finally, hats off to Gary Roback who interrupted his race to assist and stay with a younger male runner downed by a shin injury until medical help arrived. Gary displayed inspiring, rare spirit in sacrificing his own time for a fallen fellow runner on the challenging course. Despite giving up numerous minutes, Gary rallied to regain his tempo and, only fittingly, held onto his second place position in GP M50-54.


The tenth and next race in the Grand Prix series is the Herkimer ARC Heart and Sole 5K on Saturday, September 7th. For registration info and to learn about course changes due to summer flooding go to < http://www.herkimerarc.org/page/herkimer-arcs-heart–sole-5k-awareness-run> Until then, stay strong, train safe, and race swift! ~ Ted Lenio, GP Coordinator, 8/17/13